Barricade Light Solar D Cell *CLEARANCE*

Barricade Light Solar D Cell *CLEARANCE*

Solar barricade light D cell case with PC amber lens is high impact resistant.
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About Barricade Light Solar D Cell *CLEARANCE*



This solar barricade light has a D-cell case made from polypropylene and a PC lens both with high impact resistance.  Features a double lens with advanced optics for high visibility over 200 meters.  Also includes a small black grab handle or loop that can be used for hanging in storage.  

These barricade warning lights can be installed on several types of barricades, traffic barrels, and delineators.   The flashers are attached to the barricade with a tamper proof bolt included with each device. The push pin will activate, change or deactivate the light functions from flash, steady to close.  

Automatic day time shut-off prolongs battery life.

Meets MUTCD standards.


  • Function: Steady-Flash-Close
  • Length: 11 1/2" High
  • Width: 6 1/2"
  • Depth: 3"
  • Weight:  1.6 Lbs
  • Material:  Case:  Polypropylene   Lens: Polycarbonate 
  • LED Quantity: 2 (1 each side)
  • LED Color:  Amber
  • Battery:  Installed NiCad batteries.

Sold per case of 10 barricade lights - each case includes:

  • 10 pc push pins
  • 10 pc bolts                        
  • 1 pc wrench

Click here for a PDF brochure of our Barricade Lights

Product PDF: /Brochures/Barricade_Light_Brochure.PDF
Item Number: SLB-AB-SU310KA

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