Floor Cable Protector Small Snake Series Solid Black

Floor Cable Protector Small Snake Series Solid Black

Cable Defender snake series floor cable protector small in all black.
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About Floor Cable Protector Small Snake Series Solid Black


Cable Defender Snake Series small floor cable protectors are made from rigid
ABS material. They are designed to protect power cords, speaker wires, and
hoses from light vehicle and foot traffic. 

Cables or wires snap securely into the cable channel and may be kept in the 
cable protector for storage purposes.  Links can be snapped apart at desired
length with or without the cable installed and folded to store.   Additional links
may be added or removed at ends to reach the desired length.  

These floor cable protectors are low profile with articulating links that are
especially great for use in warehouses, office areas, garages, theatres, and
public areas where you need some placement flexibility to curve across a stage
or around corners.  

An excellent choice when you want to move away from the time consuming
taping of wires to the floor and still have the flexibility to safely place your cables
across stages or around corners saving time and money.

eight is 1.75 lb. with a weight bearing capacity of 440 lb.

- Length: 39 1/2"
- Width: 3 1/4"
- Height: 1/2"
- Channel Width: 5/8"
- Channel Height: 3/8"
- Weight:  1.75 lb.
- Bearing capacity: 440 lb.
- Material: Rigid ABS
- Traffic Safety Zone Color: All Black  

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Item Number: CPS-NSCR-1B

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