About Us - Traffic Safety Zone

Traffic Safety Zone is a North American leader in the traffic safety industry with over 75 years of combined experience in product development, manufacturing and supply to the traffic safety and industrial safety markets.

We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing the best products so that they can be used safely for years to come. As a manufacturer, this also allows us to stay on top of design improvements for added safety and/or savings in costs.

Our full range of traffic wands and LED products are sold worldwide and produced by one of our partner suppliers who is the largest manufacturer in the world. As well, our range of traffic cones, delineators, barrels, and rubber speed control products are the best in the industry and always offered at a great price.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best products and prices to earn your business long term. When you deal with Traffic Safety Zone you can be assured you are getting what we promise. If you have any concerns or recommendations regarding our products, please contact us and we will ensure things are made right.

Thank you for learning about us and visiting our road and industrial safety store and/or placing an order. We appreciate your business and wish you a Safe day!

The 'Traffic Safety Zone' Team

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