Industry Compatible 5 Channel Cable Protector

Cable Armour’s New 5 Channel Cable Protector

Cable Armour launches a new 5 Channel Cable Protector at an economical price without compromising quality.   Featuring a dog bone connector that will fit with most 5 channel protectors used in the industry. Made of a durable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) it has the physical properties and strength of a 2 part polyurethane, offering flexibility, light in weight but has a load capacity of 44,000 lbs per axel!  The yellow lid is hinged and easily flips up or down for cable layouts and takedowns on a path of connected cable protectors. Each of the 5 Channels will fit up to 1 ½” cables or hoses.

This is a perfect solution for companies looking for a reasonable price point on a quality cable mat.   With a weight of only 20 lbs, its functionality, and grip handle on the underside make it easy for workers to install, transport or stack for storage.

Cable protectors provide a safe crossing for pedestrians and vehicles while protecting expensive cables and hoses.

Cable Armour offers alternative heavy duty cable protectors that are available with 2 to 5 channels, with quick flip or locking style lids, and ends or corner add-ons to suit desired lay out.   The locking style lids are a perfect choice for locations where a more secure protection of your cable investment is preferred or needed for higher pedestrian traffic areas.

If a smaller cable protector is needed, floor cover drop over cable covers are often selected to help protect power cords, speaker wires, and small hoses from light vehicle and foot traffic. Drop over cable protectors are open at the bottom and have a channel area to cover cords or electrical wires.  Each unit connects at the ends to create the desired coverage needed. Cable drop overs are also made from a durable and flexible TPU and are available in a small and large size in a yellow industrial, used in garages, warehouses and gardens, and a sleek black checker pattern top that is preferred for use in theatres, interiors of office buildings, and hotels.

Custom branding is available for most of our Cable Armour products.

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