Parking Garage Supplies

Parking Garage Supplies Every Garage Needs

With the right signage and products, your parking garage can be a safe, comfortable place for cars to park and for customers to walk safely. Moving your Parking Garage from OK to top-notch can just take a few of these reasonably prices Parking Garage Supplies.

People parking their cars … often distracted, often in a hurry, sometimes not in their regular cars, and, it seems, always quick to blame you or the parking lot layout if anything goes wrong with their driving.  However, a well set up Parking Garage with all the right signage and equipment can make all the difference and prevent costly damage to vehicles and your garage.

At Traffic Safety Zone we carry a wide variety of parking garage equipment for Parking Garage or Parking Lot owners so they can minimize damage to their facility and ensure drivers know where to go, and where not to go. A small investment can promote parking garage safety and minimize issues for years to come.

Parking Garage Corner & Wall Protectors

Protect corners, tight walls, and other places that cars may get too close to walls with any of these high visibility reflective wall protectors. Doors and mild impacts brush right off these high-density rubber protectors and they are made to last in all conditions.  They can easily be fixed to walls with special adhesives or the right concrete fasteners.

Parking Stops

Our Rubber, high visibility parking stops are easier to move, ship and deploy than standard concrete barriers.  Their high visibility means they are more user-friendly in poor light or weather conditions. They can easily be replaced or installed by one person and can be anchored with bolts, spikes, or epoxy depending on the need and situation.  

Speed Bumps & Speed Cushions

In certain areas, you will inevitably want to slow traffic down.  Secure rubber speed bumps are easy to deploy and place, either temporarily or for the long term. They are easier to place and replace than asphalt speed bumps and come with built-in high visibility features such as cat eyes.  Our speed bumps come with a variety of interlocking options so that you can deploy the speed control you need for your parking garage.

Delineators & Cones

Whether you have to reserve a few parking spots or have an unexpected hazard, it is always helpful to have a few easy to deploy, high visibility traffic cones on hand. Whether used long term or for only a few hours, traffic cones are universally recognized and highly visible. We carry a wide variety of parking garage equipment like orange and green cones that stack together or collapse into easy to move bags. We also carry a wide variety of cone accessories including lights, topper tape, and retractable cone bars.   

Urban Flex Posts

High visibility urban flex posts are perfect for marking that curb or other hazard or dividing traffic in a way that will not damage the odd vehicle that oversteps the boundary. Durable in all weather conditions, and highly visible, our urban flex posts can take a hit and bounce back.

Bollard Covers  

Protect posts that are protecting something else with high visibility plastic bollard covers.  Plastic Bollard Covers are likely to inflict less damage than a steel post as the High-Density Polyethylene absorbs small impacts. The high visibility plastic also does not need to be painted, keeping your garage looking fresh.   

If your parking location is only temporary, then our easy to deploy, high quality and durable speed bumps and parking stops can make your location look like a parking lot in minutes, and ensure parking capacity is well used and parking garage safety is being practiced.

You can order online for quick delivery of any of these products or check our website for the latest product updates. Call us if you have any questions, or would like to make a large order.  

At Traffic Safety Zone, we regularly work with Parking Garage Owners & Managers from all over North America to make sure they have the equipment and parking garage supplies they need so that their operations run smoothly and safely.  We supply quality, compliant products at great prices. Call us today to ensure your Parking Garage has the materials it needs and extra supplies on hand should they be needed.

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