Safety Equipment Every Work Truck Needs

Safety Equipment Every Work Truck Needs

Not all road work requires a full-scale construction project. In fact, much of the general upkeep is done by select groups of utility professionals. Responsible for everything from electrical wiring to the cleaning of signage, these individuals must be prepared for anything when they take to the streets. As such, it’s only natural that they’d also require tools to keep them safe on the job. These are some pieces of safety equipment every work truck needs.

High Visibility Gear and PPE

Firstly, it’s important that you have garments that protect you from injury and allow you to be seen by passing motorists. Individuals are required to wear high-visibility vests and jackets when out in the field because they’re capable of reflecting light back at passing individuals, therefore increasing the chances they’ll see you and go around you. Personal protection equipment such as helmets and gloves are also crucial to keep nearby, as they can significantly reduce your exposure to certain job site hazards.

Road Flares and Reflective Triangles

If you find yourself working in the evening or at night, road flares and reflective triangles will also be essential to let drivers know you’re there. By placing these items around your parked utility van, drivers will be able to tell exactly where the vehicle is and where to go to drive around it. Low-light conditions present some of the largest dangers for both you and your equipment. So, it’s always best to have emergency road flares on-hand, just in case.

Traffic Cones or Signage

Another piece of safety equipment every work truck needs is a set of brightly-colored traffic cones or signs to direct vehicles away from where they’re working. Though visibility might be fine when you’re working, it’s still important that the area around your vehicle is clearly marked to warn drivers of your presence. For utility projects, these cones are often light green rather than orange to indicate electrical hazards. Any signage posted will provide direction for driving through the work area.

If you’re in need of work truck safety equipment for use around your utility vehicle, reach out to Traffic Safety Zone. From premium traffic cones to long-lasting and durable LED road flares, we’ll make sure you have everything you need to work safely near and on roadways. Please give us a call to receive more information about our products.

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