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You have come to the right store for your cable protectors! We manufacture and distribute Cable Armour products which allows us to offer the most cost-effective and durable cable and hose protectors in the industry. From small shield covers or drop overs to Heavy Armor multi-channel protectors with locking covers. Designed for all-weather performance and years of heavy use. These products are especially great in areas that have constant traffic drive overs at film sets, concerts, construction sites, industrial areas, factories or warehouses. Keep your expensive products covered and pedestrians moving safely!

CABLE ARMOR - is the first choice when you need to protect your expensive cables and hoses from constant vehicle drive-overs. Built to withstand over44,000 lbs! Constructed from 100% virgin materials, they are designed to last. From Corner Pieces to Heavy Duty Folding Speed Bumps, from Cable Protector Snakes to Drop Over Cable Protectors and Floor Channel Cable Protectors, Cable Armor by Traffic Safety Zone will keep your cables safe at an affordable price

Our new Cable Armor 5 channel with dog bone connector is compatible with most other dog bone multi-channel cable protectors in the market. All of our cable armor products are made from Made from virgin TPU materials offering strength and durability. The yellow lid has tabs to help keep the lid securely in place but also an easy pop up for quickly dismantling your line of cables.

Made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU): TPU has the physical properties and strength of a 2 part polyurethane but lightweight like plastic. Our injection molded process allows flexibility and a lighter weight but is as durable as other types of cable protectors in the market. All of our Cable Armour Cable Protector products are designed for all-weather performance and long life

Find out why Cable Armor is widely used as the first choice when needing to protect your cables and hoses from constant traffic drive-overs and ensure the safety of pedestrians at an affordable price

ARMOR SERIES SNAKE CABLE COVERS: Hide and protect your cables and cords while keeping floors clear and safe from trip hazards. These flexible snake style covers are perfect for use around machinery, theatres, the office, or at home. Components snap together for the desired length

SHIELD SERIES DROP-OVER CABLE PROTECTORS or CABLE PROTECTION MATTS protect power cords, speaker wires, and hoses from light vehicle and foot traffic. The channel simply drops over the cables or hose and connects on the ends to make a unit as long as needed to
protect your investments and create safe crossovers.

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