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    Orange Safety Cones

    Yellow and Black Cone Bar 4′ to 7′

    USD $11.95

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    traffic cone bar 4 to 7 foot

    Retractable Traffic Cone Bar 4′ to 7′ Orange White

    USD $11.95

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    traffic cone bar 4 to 7 foot

    10′ Retractable Traffic Cone Bar

    USD $16.95

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Use traffic cone bars in combination with traffic construction cones or delineators. These safety cone accessories form a temporary barrier for controlling crowds, warning of road hazards, directing traffic as well as close off work sites.


Lightweight, easy to store, highly visible and fast to set up and take down, our bars make setting up a hazard area a breeze.

Available in two sizes in either black & yellow or red & white. Easy to install and perfect for all situations.


1     Do your bars expand?

Yes, our bars expand to either 7 feet or 10 feet depending on the model.

2     What materials are your cone bars made of?

Our bars are made from durable ABS plastic and are made to provide a long life.

3     What options for reflective tape do you offer?

Traffic Safety Zone offers bars with either Black and Yellow or Orange and White reflective tape.

4     What will your Bars fit on?

The bars will fit on all sizes of Traffic Cones as well as some models of Delineators.

5     How do your Bars handle extreme weather?

The ABS material can easily handle temperatures below zero and the extreme heats of hot summer days without deforming.

Traffic Safety Zone has a wide variety of traffic safety products and safety cone accessories for your needs. See Our Selection

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