28″ Slim Body Traffic Cone 5lb

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This 28″ slim body traffic cone 5lb is a new addition to our our most popular PVC cones.  Includes two reflective HI collars. Extreme temperature tolerant and fully rebounds after heavy hits.  Minimum quantity buy is 4 pcs.


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This 28″ skinny traffic cone with reflective collars is a new addition to our most popular PVC cones.  Built to withstand heavy hits and vehicle drive-overs and will rebound to their original shape. A perfect choice for  narrow spaces and all-weather performance in traffic zones, general use in city areas or around airports, school zones or special events.

  • Made from a combination of recycled black PVC and virgin orange PVC, uniquely constructed using a two step injection process.
  • UV resistant to reduce fading
  • Skinny traffic cone includes a 4″ and 6″ HI (High Intensity) reflective collar
  • Extreme temperature rated from 65oC to -35oC (149oF to -31oF)
  • Custom logos or letters can be added to identify your cones and market your company
  • Select collar and label options from the drop down box on the product order page
  • Orange traffic cones with a black base are available in 18″, 28″ and 36″ sizes in various weights
  • Solid orange and green cones and cone accessories are available
  • Other colors are available by a special order with MOQ – contact us for additional information.
  • Meets MUTCD, FHWA, NFPA and NCHRP-350 approval standards.

Traffic pylons are widely used for traffic control on our roadways, airports, parking lots, events, concerts, police emergency situations, construction zones, mines or at sporting venues.

Note:  This item has a minimum buy of 4 pcs due to packaging for best freight rates.