28″ Slimline Traffic Cone 7lb or 10lb

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This 28″ slimline traffic cone 7lb or 10lb is another narrow cone addition to our our most popular PVC cones.  Select from a 7lb or 10lb weight with or without collars.  Collars are installed with 3M 4″ and 6″ white reflective sheeting.   These narrow cones with a black base are suitable for tight spaces and are extreme temperature tolerant and fully rebound after impact.

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This new 28″ Slimline Traffic Cone 7lb or 10lb version with or without reflective collars.   Another slim-line option added to our most popular PVC cones.  This narrow 28″ orange cone with black base is built to withstand heavy hits and vehicle drive-overs and will rebound to their original shape.  A perfect choice for tight spaces in traffic zones.

  • Made from a combination of recycled black PVC and virgin orange PVC, uniquely constructed using a two step injection process.
  • One piece design – cone is permanently molded to black base
    • Won’t separate when hit by a vehicle
    • Base designed to grip the road
  • Color is molded throughout
    • UV resistant to reduce fading
    • High visibility protection
  • Hand grip at top makes moving cones easy
  • Recessed collar locations protect sheeting from scratches
  • Durable and reboundable
  • Stable on the road, won’t be blown over
  • Stackable for storage, no sticking when removed
  • Skinny traffic cone is available with or without collars
    • Collars includes a 4″ and 6″ 3M HIP (High Intensity) reflective sheeting
    • 3M Collars have excellent wide angle retroreflectivity
  • Extreme temperature rated from 65oC to -35oC (149oF to -31oF)
  • Stenciling available – contact us for pricing
  • MASH accepted, meets MUTCD standards

Traffic pylons are widely used for traffic control on our roadways, airports, parking lots, events, concerts, police emergency situations, construction zones, mines or at sporting venues.


  • 528SL-7-1      28″ Orange Slim Cone 7 lbs
  • 528SL-7-3     28″ Orange Slim Cone 7 lbs with 3M 4″ and 6″ White Collars
  • 528SL-10-1   28″ Orange Slim Cone 10 lbs
  • 528SL-10-3   28″ Orange Slim Cone 10 lbs with 3M 4″ and 6″ White Collars