4ft Rubber Speed Bump

4ft Rubber Speed Bump

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4 Ft. rubber speed bump middle with embedded reflectors and glass elements for greater visibility.

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Our 4ft Rubber Speed Bump is constructed from durable rubber and designed to reduce and control the speed of vehicles in parking lots, roadways, and private lanes.

Our speed bumps include embedded reflectors and glass elements for visibility. Their modular design allows for easy installation, with the rubber base providing a firm grip. They are moisture-resistant, temperature resistant, and structured to drain water.

Each middle section has a length of 48″ and weighs 35 lb.   These middle sections are joined together to create the length of bump required and then may be finished with end caps (sold separately Part #PAB-SP-26E) to form a complete speed bump.

Speed bumps can be cut to custom lengths to fit any area.

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