5 Channel Cable Protector 1-1/2″ Channels

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5 channel cable protectors protect expensive cables and hoses from vehicle drive-overs and a safety crossing for pedestrians.

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Our 5 channel cable protector with a flip top lid protects expensive cables and hoses from vehicle drive-overs.  They also provide a safe crossing for pedestrians.   Cable Armour cable protectors are made from virgin TPU and LLDPE materials providing a superior strength to a heavy rubber model.  These 5 channel cable protectors are the first choice when you need to protect your cables and hoses from constant traffic drive-overs.

  • Weighing only 20 lbs with a heavy weight bearing capacity of 22,000 lbs!
  • Black base is made from a sturdy TPU
  • Bright yellow flip top lid is made from LLDPE and lid easily opens for set ups and dismantling
  • TPU weighs 75% less than their rubber counterpart and has a much higher weight bearing capacity per axle to withstand heavy truck drive overs
  • TPU has a high tear and cut resistance and higher abrasion point than a rubber cable mat, means they can be used in a greater variety of applications than a rubber product
  • Our TPU cable protectors hold up really well under extreme weather conditions and temperatures from -40oF to 302oF (-40oC to 150oC)
  • UV stable making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • 5 channel cable ramp has great oil, chemical, fuel and lubricant resistance
  • No rubber odor!

This heavy duty 5 channel cable ramp is ideal to use on film sets, concerts, construction and industrial areas, factories and warehouses.

TPU models are also available with a flip top lid or a locking type lid with 2, 3 and 5 channels.  Some models have ends and corners.

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