14″ Anchor Spike Galvanized

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14″ anchor spike is galvanized and used to install wheel stops, parking blocks, flex posts and ramps in gravel or asphalt.  In stock at Traffic Safety Zone.

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Use this 14″ anchor spike to fasten wheel stops and ramps to the ground to keep them securely in place.   Use these 14″ steel galvanized spikes for installation of our parking curbs, stops, blocks, cable ramps, speed bumps, and more into asphalt surfaces or gravel.

  • This galvanized spike is made from steel and zinc plating to prevent rusting
  • Size of the spike head is 1-1/8″ diameter and the spike is 1/2″ diameter.

To install the galvanized spike, lay out the item and mark the pre-set holes on the ground surface, drill a hole into the asphalt and hammer the anchor spike through the parking stop until it is snug against the surface. If the asphalt is older, it may help to coat the spikes with epoxy during install to prevent the asphalt from cracking.

Note: These 14 inch landscape spikes are not for use with concrete surfaces.



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