Barricade Light Red

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A heavy duty barricade light with double side red lens.  This Type A/C flasher light has a yellow D-Cell battery case.  Flasher light functions with steady-flash-close options.

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This Type A/C double side red barricade light or flasher light features the brightest LED optic lens which produces 20% more light output than competitive brands.

  • Yellow heavy duty polypropylene case
  • Red polycarbonate lens
  • Lens rotates 90 degrees for angle needed
  • Light features Flash – Steady – Close
  • Automatic day time shut-off prolongs battery life
  • Includes:
    • 1 tamper proof bolt per light
    • 1 Push pin included to change light function
    • Case lot quantity includes a wrench
  • Installs with 1/2″ driver
  • Withstands heavy impacts
  • Withstands harsh weather conditions
  • Holds 4 D-Cell batteries and will use 2 batteries and when drained then switches to next 2 batteries
  • Visual distance is more than 200 m with a working time of more than 800 hours:
    • 2 batteries will last approximately 3 months flashing
    • 4 batteries will last approximately 6 months flashing
  • Red safety light meets MUTCD Standards

These barricade warning lights can be used with many types of barricades, traffic barrels, safety cones and delineators.

For barricade light models and operating information, please view our brochure  Open/Download PDF Brochure


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