Parking Lot Corner Protector

Parking Lot Corner Protector – Round Style

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Corner Protector for Parking Lot Wall – Round Style With Yellow Reflective Tape.

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Our Parking Lot Corner Protector with round corners are constructed from damage-resistant rubber and are designed to absorb and deflect mild impact from vehicle doors, shopping carts and forklifts. Our wall protectors include yellow reflective tape for visibility and safety in dark conditions.   Easy to install with anchor fasteners and/or single part urethane adhesive.

Rubber corner and wall guards not only help protect your parking structure, but also helps protect your customers’ vehicles from potential dents and scratches. Ideal for surface and multi-level parking lots, interior factory as well as warehouse walls and areas surrounding loading docks.  Offered in versions with different thicknesses and with rounded or straight edges to cover different applications depending on the intensity and speed of vehicles.

These are also perfect for a home garage when you have new drivers.

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