Delineator Post Set Omega

Delineator Post Set Omega

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Set of 3 posts and 3 bases. Includes 42″ orange traffic Omega Top 2×3″ HIP delineator posts and 10 lb octagon rubber bases.

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Our Traffic delineator post set with bases are a traffic control device for roadways.  They also help to provide awareness of hazards in work zones, and to block parking areas or pedestrian access.

Set includes 3 pieces of 42″ omega top 2×3″ HIP posts and 3 pieces of 10 lb octagon rubber bases.

Traffic posts are constructed from PE plastic to withstand UV, extreme heat, and freezing temperatures.  Delineator tubes have 2 bands of 3″ HIP reflective sheeting to provide greater visibility in dark conditions.  The large omega handle makes for easy handling. Attach a reflector to a delineator or even a sign post to further attract attention.

Rubber octagon bases are designed to function as a flexible foundation to help keep posts upright and in place on rough or uneven surfaces.

A MUTCD compliant traffic control device.

Traffic Safety Zone has a wide variety of Delineators for your needs. See Our Selection
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