Compatible 5 Channel Cable Protector

CAD$189.26 CAD$147.90

Cable Armour – 5 channel cable protector with dog bone connector that is compatible with most brands in the market.


Industry Compatible 5 Channel Cable Protector


Our new 5 channel cable protector is compatible with most other 5 channel cable protectors in the market.  Made from virgin TPU materials offering strength and durability. The yellow lid has tabs to help keep the lid securely in place and easily pop up to quickly dismantle a line of cables.

Designed for all season performance and a long life, they are great for use on film sets, public events, as well as in construction and industrial areas, factories and warehouses.

Weight is 20 lbs. with a weight bearing capacity of 44,000 lbs.

This style is widely used as the first choice when needing to protect your cables and hoses from constant traffic drive-overs and safety of pedestrians. Now, we are able to offer an alternative quality cable protector at an affordable price.

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