Red Expanding Barrier Sand Fillable

USD $83.95

This red expanding barrier extends to 74″ to cover a corridor, walkway, or drive way.  Built in chambers can be filled with sand or water for additional stability.  A bright red functional safety gate with reflective markings.

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Our Red Expanding Barrier provides a temporary barricade in construction and maintenance areas.   Also use as a safety barricade to restrict or channel pedestrians around hazardous locations.

  • Constructed from lightweight blow-molded 100% virgin polyethylene materials
  • Reflective stripes for visibility in dark conditions
  • Built in chambers can be filled with sand or water for added stability
  • 37″ high and expands to 74″ wide
  • Interconnecting ends allow for multiple units to join together
  • Built-in clasps keep barrier closed for safe transport or compact storage
  • Withstands all-weather conditions.

Select this barrier for daily or temporary use to close off construction zones, offices, airports and city events.

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