Reflective Cone Collar Set 36″ – 10 Pack

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Select this reflective HI Cone Collar set for a 36″ traffic cone.  Set includes a 4″ and 6″ HI (high intensity) reflective collar.  Sold as a pack of 10 sets.

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This Reflective Cone Collar Set 36″ Cone includes one 6″ and one 4″ HI reflective cone collar.    Adding a high intensity reflective cone collar to your road cone will help with visibility in dark conditions.  Sold in package of 10 sets.

  • 6″ and 4″ HI (High Intensity) Type 3 reflective collars
  • Fits a 36″ high traffic cone
  • Application:
    • Ensure cone is clean and dry before applying collars
    • Peel back 1/2″ of backing and fold back this edge
    • Using both hands, adjust position of collar so there is a 1/2″ overlap on the ends and bottom edges of collar aligns, this will ensure correct fit
    • Once in position, slowly press the 1/2″ sticky edge to the cone, and slowly pull back balance of backing  – smooth collar around the cone, press overlap on top of applied collar end
    • We suggest purchasing an extra collar set to test this installation process
  • May also order your cone and collars and we will apply for you
  • For a single band on your cone select from our other cone collars
  • Minimum buy:  1 pack of 10 sets (10 x 6″ collar and 10 x 4″ collar)

Reflective traffic cones are used to create a pedestrian or vehicle traffic barrier or to channel traffic on roadways.



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