Roll-A-Post Portable Sign Post 24

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This Roll-A-Post portable sign post 24 kit is also available in 18″ size.  Kit includes 24″ x 24″ black or yellow base, a white or black 60″ or 72″ tall square post, and hardware to mount sign.  Signs lay flat on this square post and do not twist.  Order from our stock sign legends or a custom printed sign.  Great portable sign system for retail customer curb-side pick-ups and parking awareness.  *Call for extra discount on quantities of over 20 kits*

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Roll-A-Post portable sign post 24 is a durable sign base system.   Kit includes a sturdy black or yellow base, 60″ or 72″ in a white or black square post and hardware.  A convenient portable sign post kit for displaying larger signs for no parking, handicap parking, and online pick-up areas.

  • Black or Yellow Base 24
    • Durable thick walled plastic base
    • Won’t chip or crack or crumble like concrete
    • Sturdy plastic wheels
    • Large fill hole for silica sand
    • Base must be filled with sand for stability
    • Filling base with water not recommended
  • Square Post 60″ or 72″
    • Available in white or black
    • Post reinforced with internal cross bars
    • More durable and stable than round posts
    • Sign sits flat against square post – no sign twisting like round posts
    • Pre-drilled holes for multiple sign sizes
    • Black post cap included
    • Hardware included for attaching post and sign
  • Easy to assemble and replace parts if necessary
  • Sign system withstands strong winds without tipping over
  • RAP24 base suitable for larger signs up to 26″ W x 38″H (recommendation based on ballast of 150 lbs)
  • Standard base color is Black or Yellow
  • Other colors available in 18″ base size.
  • Portable sign post and base made in USA

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  • Made from composite material (double side aluminum with recycled plastics sandwiched in middle)
  • Select from available stock legends or we can print a custom sign
  • Sign is punched with installation holes
  • Available in 3 sizes 12″ x 18″, 12″ x 24″, 18″ x 18″

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