Solar Pedestrian Sign

Solar Pedestrian Sign

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Flashing LED pedestrian sign 30″ with 3M reflective sheeting and anti graffiti overlay.

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Our solar LED pedestrian signs are 100% waterproof and maintenance free safety sign for your community, parking lots and school zones.  They meet MUTCD #R1-1 sign specifications.

Sign is made from double layers of aluminum and recycled plastic.  Has ACP panel, sheeted with 3M-DG3 and ANTI graffiti overlay.  Pedestrian sign kit includes flasher sign, solar panel, hardware to mount on a new or existing sign post, stainless steel fasteners, 8 high intensity LED bulbs and lithium batteries.  Batteries are installed inside the solar panel support tube.

Sign flash functions have a variety of modes including auto-dim for energy savings. Reflective sheeting is highly visible up to 1/2 mile away for safety awareness in all weather conditions.  Solar panel keeps batteries charged in sun and foggy conditions.  Must remove snow from solar panels to allow light to charge batteries.  If batteries lose all charge it may take up to 2 weeks for batteries to build a full charge.

With an LED life expectancy of over 100,000 hours, our solar panel LED signs are a first choice over regular pedestrian signs.

Please note:  Must ship via Fedex or Ground service as post batteries contain lithium.

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