Speed Hump End Cap Male

Speed Hump End Cap Male

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Rubber speed hump end cap male is used alongside the speed hump middle and female end cap to form a complete speed hump.

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The Speed Hump End Cap Male complete your Heavy Duty Speed Humps.  Speed hump end caps are constructed from recycled, vulcanized rubber and designed to reduce and control the speed of vehicles in parking lots, roadways, and private lanes.

These male speed hump end caps sections are joined with speed hump center and female end sections (sold separately) to form a complete speed hump.

Our speed humps can be easily installed, removed, relocated and stored without damage. Unlike concrete and asphalt, which necessitate frequent and high cost replacement, rubber speed reduction products are long lasting and cost-efficient, maintaining durability in high volume traffic.

Note: Never use spikes or expanding anchors in concrete slab or parking structures.

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