Stop/Slow Paddle 18″ – Twist On Handle

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Stop and slow paddle is made with your choice of Composite Aluminum, Coroplast or ABS and reflective sign sheeting in EG, HIP or Type 9.  A 12″ aluminum handle with rubber grip is included.   Optional screw-on telescoping pole interchanges with this handle and is included in kit options or sold separately.

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Our Stop and Slow Paddle 18″ signs include a 12″ screw on aluminum handle with a rubber grip.  The screw on handle can easily switch with the screw-on telescoping pole providing options during long days directing traffic.

  • 18″ Octagon sign
  • Sign made from Coroplast (corrugated plastic), Composite Aluminum, or ABS materials
  • Sheeted in reflective options  EG, HIP or DG Type 9 Fluorescent Orange, and White Type 4/T9 FLO-OR for Ontario
  • SLOW side orange and black | STOP side red and white
  • STOP/SLOW ‘Paddle Sign With Handle’
    • Includes sign plus screw-on 12″ aluminum handle with a rubber grip
  • STOP/SLOW ‘Paddle Sign With Handle and Telescoping Pole’
    • Includes sign plus screw-on 12″ aluminum handle with a rubber grip and screw-on orange fiberglass telescoping pole
    • Available as kit with ABS signs, order pole separately for other options click link to view twist on pole
  • Conforms to the MUTCD requirements for USA
  • Made in Canada.

Whether you are using daily for traffic control or just to stop traffic for movement of trucks, these hand held reflective stop/slow signs will stand up for you. Ideal for traffic flaggers, construction zone traffic personnel and parking.

For a 360 Degree video, check out our YouTube Page