Stop and Slow Paddle Adjustable Pole

Stop and Slow Paddle Adjustable Pole

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Stop and slow paddle sign adjustable pole is a great solution for long hours directing traffic.

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Get our Stop and Slow Paddle Adjustable Pole for your traffic paddles.  Our newly designed stop and slow signs come with a screw-in aluminum handle allowing the user to switch from the accompanying handle with a rubber grip to an adjustable pole for comfort in those long hours directing traffic.

The poles screw into the paddle’s attachment and adjust from 4 to 6 feet enabling the user to easily change the pole from being hand held pole to resting the pole end on the ground.  These are a perfect choice for all weather use and are slip resistant, comfortable and durable for everyday use.

Whether you are using your stop and slow paddles daily for traffic control or just to stop traffic for movement of trucks these poles will stand up for you.

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