Stop/Slow Paddle Replacement Handle – Twist On

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Stop and slow paddle replacement handle 12 inches long.  Easily screws into paddle connector.  Exchange handle with our stop and slow extendible pole.

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USD $3.95 USD $3.95
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Choose our Stop and Slow Paddle Replacement Handle for your Traffic Safety Zone traffic paddles.  Our stop and slow signs use a newly designed replaceable or changeable screw in aluminum handle with a rubber grip. These are the perfect choice for all weather use and are slip resistant, comfortable and durable for everyday use.

  • Replacement handle 12″
  • Rubber grip
  • End screws into our stop and slow paddle connector
  • Each of our signs have a threaded connector that fits this replacement handle as well as the orange fiberglass telescoping pole – twist on.  Adjustable poles sold separately here.

Whether in use daily for traffic control or just to stop traffic for movement of trucks these handles will stand up for you.

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