Stop/Slow Paddle Signs Only

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Stop and slow paddle sign only is available in a 18″ and 24″ size in Coroplast (corrugated plastic) and ABS plastic.  Sign only also available in STOP/STOP.  ABS models have punched holes ready for mounting.  Handle is not included with these signs.  Mounted handle or telecoping pole are sold separately.

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SSP-18 | SSP-24 | STSTP-18

Our Stop and Slow Paddle Signs Only do not include a handle or pole.   Signs STOP/SLOW and STOP/STOP only are available in Coroplast and ABS Plastic material.   These signs are used on mounted type of handle or pole system.

  • 18″ and 24″ Octagon sign
  • Legends:
    • STOP/SLOW (size 18″ and 24″)
    • STOP/STOP (size 18″)
  • Reflective sheeting options:
    • STOP/SLOW:  EG, HIP or Type 9 Fluorescent Orange (Type IX High Performance Grade)
    • STOP/STOP:  HIP or Type 9 Fluorescent Orange (Type IX High Performance Grade)
  • SLOW side orange and black | STOP side red and white
  • STOP/STOP is Red & White both sides
  • Holes are punched for ABS Plastic Signs
  • Coroplast (corrugated plastic) do not have holes punched
  • Paddle handle or Telescoping Pole are sold separately – select  Mounted Type
  • These signs with an installed paddle handle or pole conform to the MUTCD requirements for USA
  • Made in Canada.

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