Traffic Barricade Kit

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Traffic Barricade Kit includes EG striped boards and two white A-frame barricade legs.  Available in 6′, 8′ or 10′ reflective boards with legs to meet Type I or Type II MUTCD compliance.  A durable parade barricade.


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6′, 8′, or 10′ Board and 2 Legs

Our Traffic Barricade Kit includes one or two reflective panels and two legs to form a traffic barrier.   Reflective barricades help to keep workers and pedestrians in safe areas day and night.   Ideal for crowd control at parades, pubic events, parking lots and work zones.

  • A-frame barricade kit includes 1 or 2 barrier boards and 2 A-frame OMNI legs
  • Barrier boards are available in 6′, 8′, 10′ lengths
  • 12′ boards available and would need 3 support legs.  Call to order.
  • Size:  Selected length x 8″ high x 1″ deep
  • Boards are made of high density PE material that resists fading, chipping or splintering
  • Have a hollow core with internal walls for strength and durability
  • Reflective EG sheeting in white and orange stripes on both sides of the board
  • A-frame barrier leg is made of white solid PE plastic
  • Hollow core extruded design with internal walls provide lightweight strength and durability
  • Leg accepts one or two boards and has a receptacle for barricade light
  • Customize with molded in name or logo on name plate
  • Barricade boards are easy to set up with barrier legs
  • All lay flat for easy storage
  • Withstand all weather conditions
  • Kits comply with MUTCD requirements:
    • Legs with 1 barricade board is Type 1 (Class I)
    • Legs with 2 barricade boards is Type 2 (Class II)
  • Add a logo or letters to your board (select in order check-out)

To purchase single legs or boards click here  Barrier Boards and Legs

Kit Part Numbers:

  • 203W-306EG      (2 Legs and 1 x 6′ barrier board)
  • 203W-308EG      (2 Legs and 1 x 8′ barrier board)
  • 203W-310EG       (2 Legs and 1 x 10′ barrier board)
  • 2003W-306EG    (2 Legs and 2 x 6′ barrier boards)
  • 2003W-308EG    (2 Legs and 2 x 8′ barrier boards)
  • 2003W-310EG     (2 Legs and 2 x 10′ barrier boards)

View additional information on A-Frame Barrier boards and frames  View/Download PDF