Traffic Wand Tripod Stand

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Tripod Stand for 700 or 900 series traffic wands.  Great for hands-free lighting at tradeshow displays, roadside emergencies, and lighting pathways plus more!

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USD $4.65 USD $4.65
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This collapsible traffic wand tripod stand will hold our 700 or 900 series of traffic wands.  Set up the tripod hands-free baton stand with a lighted or flashing baton and use as a hands free warning system.  Use this stand to keep wands upright on any flat surface.  A perfect way to attract attention to your display table at special events or a roadside emergency.

  • Arrange stands with lighted wands to attract attention at a trade show
  • Direct pedestrians along a lighted pathway using batons in these stands
  • Made of ABS plastic
  • 3 collapsing legs with black rubber feet to help stabilize the traffic wand
  • Works with models:
    • SLW-ST-S700R
    • SLW-ST-900R
    • SLW-ST-900R-1
    • SLW-ST-900R-5
    • SLW-ST-M280R-AA

Wand handle is inserted into the tripod stand and will stay in place until you no longer need to use.  Traffic wands are available in lengths of 11″ to 21″ with various flash options.

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