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Traffic Wands & LED Traffic Batons 

At Traffic Safety Zone, we supply the largest variety of traffic baton models in the world. Our traffic safety wands are durable, reliable, have an integrated LED design, and are equipped with high visibility ultra-bright 
LED bulbs that are visible anywhere from over 200 yards on our economy and standard models to over 500 yards on our heavy duty models. We source from the top suppliers to ensure our traffic wands and traffic batons are top quality. A great buy from our traffic safety store.

These popular economy priced LED traffic batons are waterproof, shock resistant and come with a handle strap and metal belt clip. Made of PVC and ABS materials & equipped with 4 pcs of super bright LEDs.

Traffic safety batons come with 2-4 functions - most have "Flash" & "Solid" with top models including features like "Flashlight" and "Siren".

These are widely used as a traffic directing wand at airports, parking lots, events, concerts, police, and emergency situations.


Traffic batons are constructed from ABS and PVC materials and designed to aid in directing traffic at construction zones, special events, and airports. Equipped with high-visibility ultra-bright LED bulbs, the light bar features continuous and blinking modes, with a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Our traffic wands are durable, with an integrated design and waterproof exterior. Visible at over 200 yards with a flash frequency of 3.3 Hz to 4 Hz.


Heavy duty traffic batons are built tough to provide substantial light in the darkest, foggiest conditions. They are waterproof and can withstand the heaviest rain, sleet, hail, and snow - even total submersion. Our traffic wands are durable, reliable, and utilize the brightest LED bulbs available for maximum visibility from 200 yards to over 500 yards depending on the model. The standard Flash frequency is 4Hz and for models with sirens, the sound is at 120 decibels when fully charged. These are top of the line and PC models are used by Police in some countries

Heavy duty batons range in size from 11 to 21 inches. Most take 3 AA batteries.

When you have the task of directing the attention of pedestrians or vehicles for event parking, crossing streets, or in emergency situations, our traffic safety batons are a preferred product sold throughout the world. With a variety of sizes, features and price points, we offer the perfect traffic batons to suit your need and budget.

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