Traffic Safety

From traffic cones, delineators, folding barricades, parking curbs and rubber speed bumps, we supply what you need for traffic safety areas. Our range of products and quality is what we pride ourselves on. We design and manufacture most of what we sell to deliver the best we can in quality and price.  Below are some of our most popular and unique products.

Traffic Cones
View our full selection of traffic cones for sale in various sizes in orange traffic cones, lime green traffic cones and LED collapsible cones.
Cone Accessories
Cone bars and retractable barriers are an excellent choice to create additional barriers for crowds and vehicles.
Available in a variety of styles with or without reflective taping. Durable rubber bases are sold separately and a have square or octagon shape in optional weights.
Stacker cones, vertical panels and traffic barrels, are some options available to you when you need to provide traffic delineation.
Folding barricades are used at the roadside to channel traffic. Available with metal or plastic legs and panels, our sturdy barricades fold and easily stack for transport.
Barricade Lights
Select our reliable and bright traffic safety barricade lights. Available in battery or solar types.
We sell a variety of barriers and fence panels to suit your needs for traffic control or crowd control purposes.