Wall Protectors

Parkade & Garage Wall Protectors

Protect your property, and protect your clients' or customers' cars through high visibility, strong garage wall protectors and bumper guard rubber wall protectors for garages and parkades that will reduce pointless damage

Wall protectors installed in busy access areas help to save damage to vehicles and the walls or pillars. Our Wall Protectors are constructed from damage-resistant rubber to absorb and deflect the mild impact of vehicle doors, shopping carts and forklifts. They include yellow reflective tape for high visibility. Easy to install

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Even drivers who are not careful deserve the protection of Traffic Safety Zone's Parking Garage Wall Protectors.

Warehouse Forklift Bumper Protectors and Wall Protectors

Our garage wall protectors are also perfect for high traffic warehouses where forklifts and carts can damage walls and paint. Whether you need corner wall protectors or something for a wall in a tight traffic area, you will find what you need at Traffic Safety Zone

All Traffic Safety Zone products are designed to be easy to install and built to last in harsh conditions. Whether they are regularly pelted with heavy rain, baking in the sun, or surviving the freeze-thaw cycle of winter, they will last for years. 

  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use in all weather conditions
  • Reflectors greatly improve visibility and safety in dark conditions
  • Applications include parkades, industrial warehouses & commercial areas
  • Installs easily with anchor fasteners and/or single-part urethane adhesive
  • Can be installed on any substrate where protection of the substrate and/or vehicles is helpful.